Whole Turkey Prices 2019

We sell turkeys by weight – we will weigh and price each turkey but the following is a guide price per turkey.

4kg whole fresh turkey - £36.40 serves 6 -8
5kg whole fresh turkey - £45.50 serves 8 - 10
6kg whole fresh turkey - £54.60 serves 10 - 12
7kg whole fresh turkey - £63.70 serves 12 – 14


Unlike most other suppliers, we do not differentiate between white or black / bronze in our pricing. If you have a preference then please state which colour you prefer


Crowns or other cuts can be prepared as per your  request


We do have some rare breeds which cost £0.50 per kg more - please ask ifor availability  if wish to try one of these special birds – you will receive a certificate to state which breed it is and a description of the breed and its characteristics


Slow growing Norfolk Black and Traditional Turkeys from the Cheshire Shropshire Border


Direct from the farm  The very best quality turkeys