Traditional     Local     Care

 For 2017 why not try a slow growing mature Norfolk Black Turkey for the best texture and flavour at Christmas


We specialise in breeding traditional breeds used by other farmers to produce their quality christmas turkeys. Our customers have won national recognition the 2014 Best Premium UK turkey was one of our breeds born on our farm beating other well publicised bronze breeds. Another customer achieved the highest commendation in the 2012 Times Turkey Taste Test with one of our traditional turkeys.

We produce outstanding slow growing Norfolk Black turkeys that have superb meat texture, a slightly creamy carcass and a gamey flavour across a range of weights.  You can share these quality turkeys for your festive special occasion

  • The secret of good taste and texture is avoiding stress during all the turkeys life
  • We grow our birds in a tall open sided barn with plenty of space, fresh bedding refreshed daily, fresh air and natural sunlight with roosts where turkeys sleep.
  • All our major suppliers are from within 15 miles of the farm with feed using a  high percentage of wheat sourced from the local area as much as possible.
  • The feed is  very simple with no antibiotic drugs or other growth promoter additives .
  • Almost uniquely,we use our own breeds; the eggs are laid and hatched on the farm. Many of our breeds are rare breeds and none are intensively bred..

Slow growing Norfolk Black Traditional Turkeys from the Cheshire Shropshire Border


For award winning quality traditional hand plucked turkeys